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Fallen Tree Next Door

Big tree fallen next door. Fallen Tree Next Door, originally uploaded by shadr. We had a bad storm the other night. Lots of damage in the neighborhood.

Barack Obama Pastor Wright Figured it was only fair to post up what Obama’s Reverend had said that was causing such a raucous. News channels chose to only play small portions of this sermon out of context.

Obama Speech: ‘A More Perfect Union’ This is awesome!

Keith Olbermann: Special Comment on Hillary Clinton

Lessig: 20 minutes or so about why I am 4Barack A great video from Lawrence Lessig about why he supports Barak Obama for president. I have a lot of respect for Lessig and his work in redefining Copyright law. It’s really inspirational.

Rails 2.0 Upgrade Gotchas

In upgrading our product to use Rails 2.0.2, I ran into a number of upgrade issues. I’m documenting them here so that others might benefit. ActiveRecord attribute methods It seem that ActiveRecord attribute methods now being defined in method_missing. When method_missing is called, ActiveRecord will define methods for all attributes.  This works differently now than [...]

Use is Better

Looking for some used books?  Hate dealing with Amazon?  Check out  Run by some close friends that I want to help out if I can :) Blogged with Flock

Congressman Wexler’s Call for impeachment

After being denied by all major media outlets to run an op-ed calling for impeachment of Cheney, Congressman Wexler is trying to gauge support for impeachment from the American people directly.  So far, more than 110,000 people have signed in a little over 5 days. The charges are too serious to ignore. There is credible [...]

Gabe’s Chocolate

Gabe – dec 5 – week 14, originally uploaded by manueb. “It’s my chocolate Mommy, don’t take it away from me!” :)

Gabe – week 12

Gabe – nov 23 – week 12 Hanging out in mom’s new chair :)