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Lessig and the Change Congress movement

2nd video in a row featuring Lawrence Lessig. Looks like he may actually run for Congress on the “Change Congress” platform. Change Congress Lessig ’08

Some Ron Paul links

Was just home for a little pre-Christmas goodness and it seems that many in my family have never even heard of Ron Paul.  And after pulling in over $6 million in one day (the most by any candidate in history), I thought I would toss out a few links. Official Ron Paul Campaign On MSNBC [...]

Stephen Colbert-Ann Coulter Challenge

From an article in this month’s New York Times. The Stephen Colbert-Ann Coulter Challenge: See if you can tell the difference between comments made by Colbert and Coulter. 1. “Even Islamic terrorists don’t hate America like liberals do. They don’t have the energy. If they had that much energy, they’d have indoor plumbing by now.” [...]

Ten Recurring Economic Fallacies

An interesting article about recurring fallacies in US economic policy. Seems we’re still making all of the same old mistakes. link

Colbert: Wikiality

Daily Show: Stem Cells & The War On Terror(ble) Diseases

A nice comparison of the administration’s position on Stem Cell research vs. their opinion on deaths in Iraq.

American Bar Association: Bush is Destroying the Constitution

President Bush’s penchant for writing exceptions to laws he has just signed violates the Constitution, an American Bar Association task force says in a report highly critical of the practice. read more | digg story

DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix

“The internet is a series of tubes…”

Bush Personally Blocked Spying Probe

I blogged about this sometime back but I wanted to update…. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Tuesday that President Bush personally blocked Justice Department lawyers from pursuing an internal probe of the warrantless eavesdropping program. read more | digg story

Vanity Fair: The Story Behind “Loose Change”

With $6,000 and a laptop computer, three kids from upstate New York made a documentary about 9/11 that spread across the Internet and threw millions for a loop. Here’s a link to the actual video discussed in the article. It’s almost an hour long, but pretty interesting… link read more | digg story