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Rather was right

Dan Rather is now officially a true patriot in my eyes. He has just filed a $70 million suit against CBS for firing him. As you may recall, they fired him for supposedly using unsubstantiated documents showing that Bush skipped out on his military service during Vietnam.

Turns out, that in firing him, they never actually proved that his story was bunk. So, Rather is basically saying he was fired inappropriately. And the only way CBS can get out of this is to prove that his story was false. And if they can’t? Well, then that will be an interesting day.

Rather has made it clear he will not accept any sort of deal. He WANTS this to go all the way. He wants to expose the inner workings of CBS prior to the 2004 election. CNN, Fox, and all the major news sources are calling him crazy. But they’re stopping short of actually investigating the story behind the story. Once again, the debate has been raised above the real issues.

Good luck, Dan, you’re going to need it.


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